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      HANFEISE  INTERNATIONAL  FASHION  CO., LTD, founded in 1996, is HANFEISE  INTERNATIONAL  FASHION  company subordinates branch, is a collection of costume design, plate-making, production, customized, sales for the integration of famous export-oriented garment enterprises. The company has the self-management import and export power, the positive development of domestic and international market. The company is located in transportation is convenient, the environment is superior, the beautiful scenery of the Chinese clothing the Promised Land, guangdong dongguan humen. Enterprise organization, management standard operation, the technical force is abundant, specialized equipment, and use the advanced garment CAD design typesetting system.

  HANFEISE factory mainly to undertake foreign trade order,  wear custom, fashion brand processing,OEM brand clothing,Garment processing, Brands fashion brand franchise and other business.we mainly produce clothes , wear , security uniforms , student uniforms , promotional clothing , robes , T-shirts , beauty services , hotel uniforms, medical uniforms, mining uniforms, administrative clothing, clothes , T-shirts , women's , fashion , dresses , etc.In addition the company to undertake a variety of domestic and foreign customers of clothing processing , garment OEM & ODM, FOB OEM processing, garment processing trade , and sales .